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ALS is a devastating and horrific disease.
It is a neurological disease that robs a person of their ability to walk, talk eat, swallow and breathe.
A person with ALS lives an average of 2 – 5 years after diagnosis.
There is no cure.
I covered stories of patients with ALS for years.
Then, it struck my family.
My aunt Penny died nearly three years ago after a courageous fight with ALS.
She and other patients and families I’ve come to know through the years, is why I have been a longtime supporter of ALS Association Arizona Chapter.
It’s why I was proud to co-emcee with Larry Gaydos this past Saturday night to virtually bring you Bite Nite 2020.
It was a night of fun, food and music.
It was a night to share the stories of those patients and families who are so deeply impacted by the work of the ALS Association Arizona Chapter.
It was a night to honor the doctors who provide them with care and compassion.
It was a night to raise awareness and money to help #ALSAZ continue to provide critical support.
Thank you to everyone who joined us, who bid and donated.
Together we raised more than $180,000!
If you weren’t able to join us but would like to support the mission of providing help and hope to those facing this disease, please visit

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