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February 2023

What an honor I had co-hosting the red carpet with Cedric Ceballos at the Big Game Big Give Super Bowl party.
The night was all about giving back and supporting the Giving Back Fund, the JJ Watt Foundation, and the Vincere Cancer Center, which focuses on cutting edge early detection, treatment and prevention of cancer – the leading cause of death of on duty firefighters.
Thank you to all the super stars like Anthony Anderson, Gavin DeGraw, Ray Lewis and Lisa Ann Walter (to name a few) who stopped to chat about how critical it is that we save the lives of the life savers.
Huge thank you to Dr. Pablo Prichard, who is not only leading those life-saving efforts, but opened his gorgeous estate to a night full of love and light.
Gavin DeGraw performed with heart and soul and Dr. Prichard (a classically trained pianist) joined in with an incredible piano performance of his own.
My deepest gratitude goes out to Felisa Israel and 10 Fold Entertainment for including me in the vision of an exceptional night that came to life… 10 Fold!

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