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Walking into 2021 transformed by the lifequake of 2020.

In a year full of more challenges and heartbreak than any of us expected, I feel like our family has evolved in more positive ways than we ever imagined.
My husband and I have talked about how we will never go back to being the people we were before the pandemic.
We were like hamsters on a treadmill, going a hundred miles a minute always.
2020 forced us to slow down, refocus and reconnect in ways we didn’t even realize we were missing.
Our family has spent more time together this year than we have the entire 7 years we’ve been married.
I’ve had precious time with my daughter and son at home – time I know that at their age and point in life – will never happen again.
As challenging and heartbreaking as 2020 has been at times, it has meaningfully redirected our lives.
We are humbled, grateful and full of hope for better days ahead.
Cheers to a new year, new feels, new chances, same dreams and fresh starts!

Photo by Ryan Rose

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