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May 27, 2020

I don’t know about you, but who I am today is not who I was before this pandemic started.

More than two months of quarantine has given me a unique opportunity to learn a lot about myself, about others and about what’s important in my life.

Learning to use the time as a catalyst for change and renewal is one of the many gifts I’ve been able to receive.

Last year I had the good fortune of sharing the story of my friends Scott and Marla Berger and their creation of the Intention Stick and the Tree of Life Movement.

They gifted me with an Intention Stick (I’m wearing it in this photo)

and I gifted one to my dear friend Patty.

I have understood the power of intent in replacing negative thoughts and energy with positive words and thoughts.

What we put out into the universe is what we receive.

That’s just the one step though.

In a new episode of Conversations with Catherine,


I chat with Scott and Marla about how intention and meditation can help you make long-term changes or help you maintain your positive momentum during and after this pandemic.

It’s something I’ve been doing now for more than a week.

It can be challenging for a type-A personality like me, but I’m finding it’s a critical step in the journey to the transformative changes I not only want to make, but maintain.

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