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The Perimenopause Skin Challenge
October 7, 2020

WOMEN, can we chat?
My body has been flirting with menopause the last couple of years.
Just when I think it’s ready to take the plunge into a full-fledged relationship with ‘the change,’ my body has a change of heart & the clock starts all over again.
The latest ‘interlude’ though, left a residual effect that has frustrated the heck out of me.
Almost overnight, my skin became ridiculously dry.
I’ve never had a problem with dry skin.
I have always taken very good care of it.
I get regular facials.
I wear sunscreen even when the sun’s not out.
I wear hats when I run, when I’m at the pool or the beach & I’m always either in the shade or under an umbrella.
I eat clean at least five days a week &  last year I switched almost entirely to all clean skin care products.
I wear a mask in public but I’m not out enough for the mask to be the culprit.
I started researching what could be causing the issue & learned it’s one of the symptoms of perimenopause!
As hormone levels plummet, the skin becomes dry, thin & starts losing elasticity.
Once I discovered the culprit, I set out to find a skin care product specifically for this change, but one that was also clean.
I came across several but not all were affordable enough for me to want to experiment.
That’s when I received an invitation from State Of, a new skincare line with menopausal women (peri, during and post) in mind, to try a few of their products.
In less than a week, my skin looks & feels normal again.
I can’t even begin to explain what a game-changer this is for me!
No more dry, flaky, dull skin. It is soft &  glowing again!
I’ve been combining the @shopstateof rich facial moisturizer & rejuvenating face oil and seriously friends, the change has been remarkable.
Not only are these products affordable, they’re CLEAN!
The company has not paid me to endorse this product.
I’m simply sharing because, well, sharing is caring & while with age does come wisdom – it also comes with changes that can happen overnight without explanation. If you have any products that have worked for you please share. I’m not trying to reverse the aging process. But if I can slow it, why the heck not?!

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