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December, 2022

That’s the best way I can describe last night – and my daughter’s surprise birthday gift for me.
When she called me in October to ask if I could fly to LA the day after my birthday because she had a surprise gift for me that I had to fly there to receive, I said absolutely! – no questions asked. Just being with her is always gift enough.
Yesterday I flew to LA and when we arrived at her house she handed me a wrapped box, which I excitedly opened to find an envelope inside. She was crawling out of her skin with anticipation at this point, so I quickly opened the envelope to find three tickets to the last night of Michelle Obama’s sold out The Light We Carry book tour – moderated by none other than Oprah!!
OMG…… What??!! Michelle and Oprah in the same room together?!!
What an amazing gift!!!
Which just got better when she pointed out there were three tickets, not two – and walked me to her bedroom, asking me to open the door.
I opened it – and standing there bubbling with joy – I found my mama!!!
OMG the three of us were going to breathe the same air as Michelle and Oprah together!!!!
I’m still on a high from an absolutely incomparable night with two women I admire so much, next to the two women I love the most.
The conversation was raw, emotional, funny, inspiring, refreshing – everything Michelle’s new book is – and more.
I couldn’t love @michelleobama more. What a remarkable woman she is! And @oprah as expected, was fabulous. Together they were magnificent!
This is one of those priceless gifts that I will treasure forever, especially coming from my daughter – and then her making it a three-generation experience.
She capped the night with the famous @milkbarstore birthday cake that I’ve been dying to try.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve never felt more loved than I do today.
I love you so much Bri! Thank you for the love and energy of last night. I’m still in awe.
Not sure what I did to deserve all of this, but I am grateful and so incredibly blessed!

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