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I forgot to add this pic to my photo carousel the other day!

Photographer Chris Loomis deserves all the flowers for actually making me look tall (er)!!!

When I was about 12 years old, I became obsessed with Brooke Shields and super models like Kim Alexis and Carol Alt. They were the most beautiful women on the planet and I wanted so badly to be tall like them.
My cousin and I would take pictures of each other trying to pose like them.
Even today, if you ask me what body part I would change about myself it would be to have long legs.
Props to Chris for giving me this brief illusion.
By the way, a few years ago I walked in a celebrity fashion show with former super model Kim Alexis.
She had just moved to town and we chatted backstage, waiting to go on. She even gave me pointers on how to walk the runway!
I remember thinking, if my tween self could see me now … not only sharing the stage with Kim … but getting runway tips from her … I would have died!!
Thanks Kim! I love it when the people you admire from afar turn out to be as fabulous in person, as you would hope.

Photo by Chris Loomis Photo
Makeup by Diane Aiello
Hair by Veronica Penzone at BBV Salon
Location: Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale

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