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April 9, 2020

Be Safe. Have Faith. We Got This!

That’s the message of hope painted on the sidewalk in front of my house.

I was scrolling through instagram one day and noticed all these pictures of terrific chalk-style inspirational messages in front of businesses and homes and thought, “I want that!”

So I reached out to the people behind it – @azsidewalksmiles on Instagram – to find out it’s actually one person — my KNOW Tribe sister and local lifestyle blogger Mandy Holmes, who’s been delivering good vibes to sidewalks across the Valley.

In a new episode of Conversations with Catherine 

[WATCH NOW on my YouTube Channel]

Mandy and I chat about how the light bulb for this idea went off a few weeks ago when someone gave her young son a couple of bucks for his cool chalk walk design.

For a minimum $20, Mandy will come and paint your business or home sidewalk with fun, inspirational – even birthday – messages!

We chat about how the money raised will benefit families affected by #COVID19.

Thank you Mandy. What a special way to keep smiling and paying it forward at a time when we’re feeling like we need it most.

More info: email

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