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May 11, 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience.

What’s the key to resilience in challenging times?

Is it physical grit?

Is it mental toughness?

Is it deep faith?

This lady is of the toughest and most positive people I know – and if anyone knows resilience, it’s her.

Amy and I met more than a decade ago, in a nightclub.

She was one half of a popular radio team at the time, and I was a TV news anchor.

Of course I knew who she was – hello! 6-time Olympic gold medal swimmer!! 

But we had never met in person until that night when she shouted my name from across the club and came running over to say hello.

That’s Amy – a radiating personality with an endless energy, making friends wherever she goes.

6 years ago, an ATV accident left Amy paralyzed from the waist down.

While she didn’t walk out of the hospital as she had hoped, she did leave with the kind of positivity that stunned even her doctors.

In a new episode of Conversations with Catherine,


I chat with Amy about how we can all tap into resilience in the face of physical or emotional challenges.

Amy shares how “living on borrowed time” gives her the gratitude and grace, even on the less than awesome days, to embrace every new purpose life has to offer.

That includes, becoming an adaptive Crossfit competitor.

We talk about what it was like to compete again, for the first time since her accident.

Plus, why Amy decided – while still in the hospital – to create Amy Van Dyken Foundation to help other spinal cord injury warriors and how you can become part of Amy’s Army.

If you want a hefty dose of inspiration, encouragement and positivity, do not miss my conversation with Amy.

She is love and she is light.

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