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January 2023

Happy New Year!
I know, I’m a day late – but I really wanted to ruminate on what I would consider my best word or goal for myself in 2023 (I prefer that to the obstinate pressure of a resolution).
This picture best represents my word: Harmony.
My daughter helped me choose that word because it best blends my two goals for the new year: music and more of the same.
Music is going to play a big part of my life this year as I learn to play my new guitar  (something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time).
I also just received a vinyl record player and several of my favorite albums of all time (you bet the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is among them!)
The sound of the needle on the record gives me all the feels and I’m looking forward to adding to my record collection this year!
More of the same is really a continuation of what Doug and I accomplished in 2022:
Spending more time with our children – including monthly family dinners.
Savoring time with friends – the new ones we made and the friendships we saw deepen last year.
Traveling to more of our favorite spots with a few new adventures in the mix (not one, but five international trips are on the list).
Working as little or as much as I want – with some exciting new collaborations on the agenda.
Continuing to make health and exercise a priority. It keeps us young and spirited.
Personally, I’ll continue to read (at least 30 more books this year), ride my bike, ride my roller skates, and continue to write with the hope of completing my memoir by the end of the year
This year Doug and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. With a celebration like that on the horizon, 2023 just might become our best year yet!
Cheers and thanks for following and sharing in my journey.
May all your 2023 dreams come true!

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