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When my daughter was much younger, I would hear mothers and daughters refer to each other as ‘best friends’ and I didn’t quite get it.
I was always led to believe that as parents our mantra should be – “I am not your friend, I am your parent.”
Then my daughter grew into an adult and the friendship component to our relationship blossomed.
Never more so though, than during the last 8 months that she’s been back home, working remotely while riding out the pandemic.
What a beautiful, blessed gift this time has been.
I’ve been able to bond with my girl, not only as a mother, but as a friend, a confidant, and someone I can lean on and lean into.
We’ve baked, cooked, puzzled, binged on streaming TV shows, swapped books, indulged in Zipparita Fridays, savored wine nights and long talks, waved as we passed each other during our morning runs, and created silly Tiktok videos.
More than anything, this time together – day in and day out – has given me a chance to get to know the woman my girl has become on a much deeper level.
She is thoughtful, incredibly smart and lives life with intent, purpose, gratitude and grace.
I can talk to her about anything and in times of doubt, she’s been my compass.
And so as I write this, I’m a sobbing mess.
She just left – back to California to reclaim the personal and professional life I know she’s been missing.
I’m excited for her but selfishly sad to see her go.
I get it now.
God didn’t just give me a daughter, he gave me a best friend.

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