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Mother’s Day is coming up and I of course placed an order for my favorite – and tastiest – gift to myself: a bag of  chocolate chip cookies.
I love supporting local businesses and especially those run by women.
Shannon, the talented baker behind Sugar and Chip AZ, is a phenomenal woman whom I’ve grown to really admire.
This post is about more than her cookies, though.
I want to bring attention to the remarkable difference Shannon is trying to make beyond the kitchen.
Two years ago, this mom of two, lost her 14-year-old daughter Maddie, to suicide.
The pain and grief of losing a child is unimaginable to me.
I cry just thinking or talking about it.
As I’ve gotten to know Shannon, what strikes me most about her, is her strength and desire to keep Maddie’s legacy alive.
Maddie saved 7 lives with organ donation.
Shannon and her family call her their hero.
They’ve set up the Maddie Melde Foundation ( to honor Maddie by advocating for mental health awareness and suicide prevention in children and young adults (May is #mentalhealthawarenessmonth).
Shannon has also written a soon-to-be-released children’s book; a story about Maddie’s perspective from heaven and the magic she continues to spread on earth.
She’s also working to eventually make it so that proceeds from her cookie sales, including the popular Maddie’s Lemon Cookies, will support the foundation.
In the meantime, Shannon has collaborated with State Forty Eight on these cool t-shirts to benefit St. Mary’s Food Bank. Every shirt sold will support 70 meals for those in need.
Like I said, Shannon’s one phenomenal woman and one of the special moms I will be celebrating this Mother’s Day

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