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May 11 is always an emotional day for my husband Doug, as it’s the day his mother passed.
Neil Diamond was her favorite singer. Doug plays a Neil c-d (my mom gifted it to him in honor of his mom) in his car often. Every time he hears his music he thinks of his mom.
So when I learned earlier this year about the A Beautiful Noise Musical on Broadway (the Neil Diamond musical), I knew I not only had to get Doug there, but to make sure we were there soaking in this beautiful, fun musical on May 11.
We did it
There were some tears shed, but mostly it was pure joy knowing his mom was there with us in spirit, rocking out to Neil Diamond right along with us.
This is first time we’ve taken on NYC together and we had a blast. We also saw the MJ the Musical, hung with our daughter’s boyfriend’s parents, ate some amazing food, and just enjoyed being together in the big apple.
I love our adventures together and the unforgettable memories we keep adding to our lives.

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