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It’s always an honor to emcee for an event and an organization or cause that has had a personal impact in my life.
The 16th annual unMASKed Gala is one of those events for me.
I first learned about MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids) about a decade ago when I picked up the MASK Magazine. It focused on issues involving our children and protecting their digital footprint – when we as parents were just discovering what that meant.
I had a son in middle school at the time, social media was taking off, and I – like so many parents back then – had too many questions and an abundance of concern. I could not have gotten through those years, learning to navigate the evolving landscape, without MASK –  which helped prompt conversations that weren’t always easy, but absolutely necessary.
MASK served as a resource to help empower myself as a parent to then help empower my children to make safe, healthy choices.
Thank you to Kimberly Cabral and the other dedicated mothers who founded this organization in 2007 and continue to serve the community and our families with their crucial work. At this year’s unMASKed Gala, we raised funds that will help  maintain the MASK  mission and programs. They are impactful and this parent appreciates it!

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