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Renee Dee and I are calling this the Chef Sandwich!
What a great time catching up with these two iconic chefs: Chefs Christopher Gross and Mark Tarbell, who served up a night filled with their vibrant personalities and delicious culinary creations.
Thanks to Renee and Iconic Magazine for hosting a special sneak peek at Bronco – the Camelot Homes’ exquisite – and sold out – luxury home community.What a backdrop – the homes are a must see! Both chefs and I go waaay back to the 1990’s, when we all had darker hair. Mark and I reminisced about the days back in 1993 – when he, Chef Eddie Matney (we miss you Eddie! ) and I would “rib hop” around town, tasting all the best ribs we could find.
That was back before marriage, babies, and in Mark’s case, Tarbell’s Restaurant!
Since first arriving in Phoenix in 1992, I’ve thought of it as a big city with a small town feel.
Memories like these, remind me just how true it is.
If you’re new to the area – run don’t walk to Chef Christopher’s restaurant at The Wrigley and Mark’s legendary Tarbells Restaurant, respectively.
We are soooo lucky to have such culinary talent in our backyard.
And lucky for me, they’re also friends.

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