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Jóse Cárdenas. If you don’t know him (and he knows just about everyone!), Jóse is a  beloved pillar and leader in our community – and one of the most intelligent, busiest men I’ve ever known.
He’s also been the venerable host of Horizonte, since the show launched in 2003 on Arizona PBS.
We go way back to those days in 2003, after I returned back to the Valley. We’d run into each other often at various community events and fundraisers. He also had me as a guest on Horizonte shortly after I retired from CBS 5 News.
Today we kicked off the season premiere of Horizonte together, as Jóse officially “passed the baton”, so to speak, as I build on his legacy as the new, solo host of Horizonte.
We had a great time talking about how instrumental he’s been in putting Horizonte on the map. Horizonte is a series examining Arizona issues through a Hispanic perspective. It also covers issues of particular interest to Latinos. Though he will no longer host Horizonte, he will remain busy! Jóse has a new position as Senior University Advisor to the President for Social Embeddedness and Civic Engagement & Special Counsel of Arizona State University. And he’ll remain involved in our show in the generous and influential ways we’ve all come to appreciate and respect. Thank you for your leadership Jóse!
He has big shoes to fill, so I won’t even try. But I will do my best to follow in Jóse’s footsteps in bringing thoughtful discussion to Horizonte.
Please join me for the new season of Horizonte, beginning Saturday January 28th at 6pm on Arizona PBS, Channel 8!

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