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One week to my son’s high school graduation and I’m reflecting on my role in Christian’s life.
I’ve written a lot in the past about all the things I missed through the years because of the crazy hours I worked. I’d often see my kids in the morning before school and then I might not see them again until the next morning. We weren’t allowed to take time off during TV sweeps months, so if a school event was happening during that time, I’d have to miss it. I’ve been hard on myself over the years about the times I felt like I was “parenting from work”.
But as I’ve sifted through photos the last few weeks, I’ve come across gems like this one, to remind me that while the situation wasn’t always perfect, I did do my best to improve it.
The station was only 10 minutes from the kids’ school, so in a bind, someone could drop them off to me at work, like in this picture a co-worker captured of me helping Christian with homework in between newscasts.
I also moved closer to work – – so I could pop home a few times a week during my dinner break.
In the years that have passed, I’m learning to reflect less on what I didn’t do as a mom and more on what I did do.
We are not perfect, but nothing in life is.
So give yourselves props mamas (and dads) … especially those of you with graduating kids. They didn’t get here by themselves and we can take immense pride in  knowing we helped shape the awesome people they’ve become.️

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