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2023 – you were SO DARN GOOD TO ME!!!
From the west coast to the east coast to Portugal, Spain and the Amalfi Coast… this year became my year of travel and making unforgettable memories with my love, my mom, my girl, our boys, good friends… and even a trip with just myself.

I am grateful for this year’s ability to massage my wanderlust, and music madness with more concerts (U2!!!), for the opportunity to return to television as the new host of Horizonte on Arizona PBS  and for the time to commit to consistent wellness, health and strength.

I’m thankful for my love of books which added 23 to my growing list, of reads including this year’s fav – and longest at 970 pages (I loved it Barbra Streisand!)

I am grateful beyond measure for our decade of marriage milestone that Doug and I celebrated by renewing our vows

Together we ended 2023 with our son’s 21st birthday in Vegas and JOY, JOY, JOY with family during the Christmas holiday.

On this 123123 – an angel number of rare and repeating number sequences – I look back knowing 2023 will be hard to top, so I also look forward to 2024 – with the goal of more of the same … but with even more intention.
I am not lucky. I am BLESSED. This I know.

Cheers to you and yours on this NYE. Thank you for sharing in my journey.
I wish you all the love and light in 2024!

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