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April 24, 2020

Still getting used to seeing myself in a mask.

As we continue to power through this pandemic as safely as possible, I’m always looking for little nuggets of motivation and inspiration.

In a new episode of Conversations with Catherine, I chat with Stephanie Pletka, author of Living Your Best Life,


about how to remain positive and provide ourselves grace in the throes of a quarantine.

While we can’t change the situation, Stephanie reminds us that we can change our perspective.

That may not look the same for every person, but she has some great suggestions for resetting our perspective.

For example, that daily to-do list we make to keep us focused or accountable?

It’s all well and good, she says, but “don’t let the to-do list be your boss. Don’t squander the moments. Spending time with humans, has no box to check.”

So true!

And she has some great ideas for focusing less on plowing through the ‘list of life’ and focusing more on the gifts of life.

Like, the gift of time.

My son and I have spent hours putting a puzzle together.

It’s not something a 17-year-old would typically be doing with his mom at midnight on a weeknight, so yes, I am grateful for the small gifts that truly are priceless.

By the way, my mom sewed this butterfly- patterned mask I’m wearing.

She’s been making masks for essential workers, for free.

I’ve finally convinced her to start selling them, for a nominal fee, to help pay for the material costs of the masks she’s sewing for people on the front lines of this pandemic.

Her 20-year-old sewing machine finally gave out this week, so she’s getting an early Mother’s Day gift so she’s fully equipped to continue providing her gift.

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