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How it started… to
Hard to believe that precious little infant I once held so tight, is now all grown up and ready to cross a stage today to accept his high school diploma.
I am so incredibly proud of you, Christian!
You have stayed the course through some bumpy times, especially this last year.
It’s not the senior year any of us wanted or wished for you, but you made the best of it.
You’ve been accepted into the college of your choice AND you and your team made it to the Arizona Lacrosse League playoffs! 🥍
It has been such an honor to witness your maturity through the years; your ability to raise the bar for yourself, your dedication to your school, your sport, and your friends.
You have grown into a man I not only love, but respect and admire.
It has been my privilege and honor to raise you.
And as I look at you now, I feel so much pride in a job well done.
Today and every day, we love and celebrate you!
Congratulations Christian – the best is yet to come!
I love you!
“Behind you, all your memories.
Before you, all your dreams.
Around you, all who love you.
Within you, all you need.”

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