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February 9, 2021

Behind the scenes of the ATHENA HAIL Award recipients video shoot.
We each shared a bit of our story and how we view the ATHENA Leadership principle we are being recognized for.
In my case it’s the Lives Authentically principle.
I did get a little emotional during my recording, talking about the one experience that, more than anything in my life, reaffirmed my commitment to living life with authenticity, purpose and meaning.
A really special part of this award is being paired with a Young ATHENA award winner who is also being recognized for the same leadership principle.
Amara  is a junior in high school and so impressive and accomplished already.
I connected with her instantly.
She is wise beyond her years and has so many powerful thoughts about her efforts to create an anti-bullying space for her peers and younger students to feel confident in their own bodies and minds, and to express their feelings about identity and activism.
As ATHENA award recipients, Amara and I get to work together on a year-long mentorship project.
Something tells me our relationship will stretch far beyond a year and I’m going to learn a lot from her.
Young women like Amara give me so much hope for the future.

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