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July, 2023

10 years!  A decade!
When I told Doug I can’t believe we are married 10 years today, he said it feels like 20… because we’ve packed what feels like 20 years of fun and adventure together into 10. So true! And that is the essence of us.
We have more fun with each other than anyone else.
From our engagement in St. Barts to getting married on the beach in Malibu to Bora Bora for my 50th and lots of ski trips, Mexico vacations, and Montecito beach time in between… our marriage has been one big beautiful trip of a lifetime . Happy Anniversary and cheers to a decade down and forever to go.
I love you Doug and all the memories we continue to make together.
It’s also Doug’s birthday today!! I am grateful he was born and I’m forever blessed to share another year of his incredible life.
Happy birthday Dougie!  You personify everything good in the world

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