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Every year I post pics from a tradition @hoonerfox10 and I have, which is to meet up for a burger in May to celebrate his birthday and then a burger in December to celebrate mine.
This is us celebrating his birthday at Zin Burger.
We’ve kept this tradition alive for YEARS but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the story of where this burger tradition started.
As some of you may remember, Hooner and I used to co anchor the weekend morning and then weekday morning and noon newscasts at Channel 12 from 1992 – 1997, before he bolted for Fox 10.
Hooner was famous for his love of burgers, particularly the Burger King Whopper with cheese, which he had for lunch several days a week.
For his 40th birthday, I surprised him during our newscast with an actual birthday cake designed to look exactly like a cheeseburger (Swipe to see what I mean) with the words “Have a whopper of a 40th Hooner!”
He was soooo surprised! I mean that thing really looks like a burger, right?!
And to top it off…our guest that day on the noon show was none other than Richard Simmons!
Yes, thee Richard Simmons who got us and the crew to do a little birthday dance with him in Hooner’s honor.
So you see, the burger has been a very important part of our working relationship and friendship for about 32 years now… and it’s still going strong.
Just like Hooner, the Burger King who never ages and isn’t slowing down yet.
Hooner, happy belated burger birthday my friend.
I treasure our tradition and our friendship and I look forward to our next burger in December!
Love ya!!

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