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April 10, 2020

I love the F word!

During tough times and rough days, it is often the only word that gets me through.

I’m talking about FAITH.

On this Good Friday, and as we approach Easter Sunday, are you finding yourself leaning into faith more than ever?

Faith is the foundation of our lives.

If you have it, how do you continue to lean into it during troubling times?

And if you don’t have it, how do you find it?

In my latest episode of Conversations with Catherine, I chat with the always inspiring Pastor Todd Boffo from Impact Church in Scottsdale, about the power of the F word.

Pastor Todd has some very profound thoughts and wise words about finding faith in challenging times, finding future in faith and finding fun in faith.

In my darkest days, it is my faith that has always given me the strength to maintain hope and trust that God will take care of me.

We are all experiencing some anxiety at some level right now, including Pastor Todd whose grandmother is fighting COVID19.

“I really can trust an unknown future to a known God,” he says.

Faith IS greater than fear.

This is a picture of Pastor Todd and me in late 2018 after my baptism.

It’s hard not to be with my Impact Church family right now and it’s going to be strange not to celebrate Easter in church.

But thanks to technology, this Easter weekend Pastor Todd says we will see more people “attend” Easter services around the world than ever.

Join Impact Church for a weekend of Easter services that begin tonight with communion at or download the Impact Church app.

“God is within her, she will not fall” – Psalm 46:5 

Follow Pastor Todd at @toddboffo (He’s super funny 🤣) & follow Impact Church at @impactchurch.



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