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July 22, 2020

“A perfect metaphor for parenting is trying to stand up in a hammock without spilling your wine.”

This quote made me laugh because there is so much truth to it!

You’ve had those days too, right?

When it feels like your kids think you’re not nearly as smart as they are and can’t possibly know what it’s like to be their age?!

If they only knew!

These are strange times and we are being forced to make important decisions with crucial consequences that our kids don’t always agree with or can’t fully appreciate beyond the here and now.

I had a doctor’s appointment today that turned into an impromptu therapy session she definitely wasn’t expecting.

She has grown children, so I had to know if they at some point, thanked her for being the mom that worried about them, stayed up late waiting for them and made decisions that weren’t the easiest to swallow but turned out to be for the best.

She answered with a resounding YES and shared that the child she butted heads with the most, is the one who wrote her the heartfelt letter years later (after becoming a parent) that essentially read, “thank you – I get it now.”

I needed to hear that today.

Maybe you did too.

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