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May 19, 2020

Boy I miss these times, when my hubby and I would culminate a week of working hard with Friday night happy hour.

Or we’d take a vacation, just the two of us, enjoying time away together, usually at the beach

It’s amazing how quickly life can change and those times can seem like years rather than months ago.

Has your relationship been quarantine-tested?

Think about it – as couples before the quarantine, we spent the majority of our time working, working out and sleeping.

We realistically spent only a few hours together a day and that was spent making dinner, eating dinner, walking the dog, doing laundry. You know the drill.

Overnight, many people found themselves confined together almost 24/7 with the added stresses of being in a pandemic: financial worries, trying to work from home and home-school our kids.

My hubby has been able to continue working outside the home.

I haven’t.

Most days he’s come home to find me still in my pj’s.

Sound familiar?

In a new episode of Conversations with Catherine,


I chat with relationship expert Shirley Owens about how to restore positivity into quarantine-tested relationships.

With stay-at-home orders being lifted, many people are trying to regain some sense of normalcy, whatever that may look like post isolation.

She believes it was a big adjustment for couples going into the quarantine and will be an equally big adjustment coming out of it.

She has some great suggestions for couples to practice getting to know each other again.

I’m all for trying them️preferably during happy hour near a beach.

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