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April 14, 2020

My senior year of high school was the best.

I had a squad of good friends, cheerleading, football games, prom and of course, the excitement of graduation.

It absolutely breaks my heart to see our teens not getting to finish out their year at school, especially the graduating seniors.

My son still has another year left of high school but it’s been hard on him and his friends watching their Lacrosse season disappear just as it was getting going.

Fortunately, our kids already know how to connect virtually.

But even they’ll admit, it’s just not the same as hanging out with each other, laughing, socializing and simply being teens together.

Being cooped up and isolated is a lot to deal with.

In a new episode of Conversations with Catherine, I talk to notMYkid public information officer Shane Watson about some of the feelings and emotions teens are experiencing right now: stress, anxiety and even depression.


notMykid is a nonprofit organization our community is so lucky to have.

They provide children and families with lifesaving programs, support, resources and education.

Fortunately, they are still able to offer those resources virtually, at a time when our teens need to know they’re not alone.

Shane and I talk about the many important programs notMykid is offering parents and our kids right now – like Teen Talk, Amplif(i) Lifeskills Training and the Win This Year podcast.

They also provide suggestions and resources for us as parents to help them develop the coping skills to work through their feelings of uncertainty with empathy and encouragement.

We adults have a lot of financial and employment concerns right now.

But we can’t let that minimize what our teens are going through and the significant loss of what – to them – has been just as important️.

More info: notmykid.org

Text questions to 602-584-8474


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