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“Every day brings a choice to practice stress or to practice peace.”
– Joan Borysenko

The day this photo was taken I was completely stressed and running on four hours of sleep that I was pretty sure no make-up or good lighting would disguise.
It’s amazing what a red dress and red lipstick can do!
But seriously.
This photo shoot was scheduled for the day after my son’s high school graduation and a busy week that went into preparing for his big day.
I showed up to the shoot feeling haggard and slightly dazed.
I considered rescheduling, but didn’t because it was a mom-daughter photo shoot and I knew how much my mom was looking forward to her day of glam.
I look at this picture now, and I’m so glad I showed up!
I don’t see the stress in my face or the bags under my eyes as much as I see the inner peace and joy I felt at knowing our last child had crossed an important finish line and I was taking some memorable photos with my mama.
I think that exhale comes through in this image.

When we practice less stress and more peace, everything shines brighter.

Thank you to Yasmin at Shalimar Studios for capturing it so well.  To Diane Aiello  for helping me look alive.
And to Oscar De Las Salas for designing “the red dress” that is not only beautiful – but timeless.

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