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New images, courtesy of talented photographer Chris Loomis.
It’s been at least three years since I’ve taken new headshots and nine years since I’ve done a full photo shoot (More images to come!)
Lemme just say, it’s a little strange seeing how much my face has changed since then. I am so humbled by the aging process. While I can’t slow gravity or time I can control my mindset. I look at these images and I see a happy, energetic, glowing woman who is living her fullest, best life. If that’s the bonus that comes with maturity, I’ll take it! Which reminds me of an essay I wrote in 2010 for my then column in Latino Perspectives Magazine. 14 years later, it still holds up! Here’s an excerpt:

“Do I have something in my eye?” I asked my then 5-year-old son.
“Hmmm” he mumbled as he studiously examined my pupil. “Nope!” he exclaimed, “but you do have cracks in your skin,” he announced with complete innocence and pride in discovering something he seemed to think I hadn’t noticed.” Actually, those are wrinkles,” I gently explained. A few years before, I would’ve panicked at the thought of my skin betraying my youthful energy. I recalled the conversation with my son hours later that day, chuckling while staring into my magnifying mirror. I studied these “cracks” in my skin, the crow’s feel around my eyes, the fine lines on my forehead. Each one of them told a story. Some were marks of struggle. Some represented stress. Some were reminders of sleepless nights. Others connected me to heartache, tears, and loss. But most, I thought, were genuine reminders of a mid-life filled with years of smiles, laughter, and the sincere belief that the best is yet to come,

Photography by Chris Loomis Photography

Hair by: Veronica Penzone at BBV Salon

Makeup by: Diane Aiello
Location: Hotel Valley Ho

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