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January, 2023

Music makes my world go round.
It has since I was a child. My mom was a professional singer for much of my youth. While I didn’t inherit her rich voice, I did acquire her deep love of music. Having a record player now, transports me back to my younger days, before cassettes took over, when $10 would buy me an album that I’d play incessantly.
U2 is my absolute favorite band and this – The Joshua Tree – is my favorite of their albums. So having it to hold and spin, makes me deliriously happy.
These are the other favorites I received: Madonna! – which takes me back to her first concert tour. My mom couldn’t afford the tickets to take me to her concert so she parked the car outside the amphitheater, and we sat with the windows rolled down listening to Madonna’s concert.
The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which reminds me of mom’s singing days and the disco era – when I so desperately wished I was old enough to dance at Studio 54 in New York. Oh, and I was a member of the John Travolta fan club back then. Seriously.
And there’s The Jacksons Live! 1981 Live album recorded during The Jackson’s Triumph Tour. It’s another concert I missed. But the album is another of my best-loved and so full of nostalgia.
So now I need to keep adding to my burgeoning collection and I’ve been thinking about where I want to start.
I’ve decided to start with the first albums I owned: the Grease Soundtrack (I knew every word), Pat Benetar’s first album, In the Heat of the Night (Boy did I rock out to that!) And Donna summer’s Bad Girls (Who didn’t “toot too-hey-beep-beep” to that album back in the day?!)
But beyond that – I’d love to know your strategy or advice for building an awesome album collection?

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