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I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the Iconic Hour podcast with my dear friend Renee Dee.
First let me say, what a great host she is!
Renee has a broadcast degree and she puts it to great use with terrific, researched questions that steer very authentic conversations.
And that’s what I LOVE SO MUCH about our conversation – which is the first time I’ve really discussed, publicly, the metamorphosis, if you will, that I’ve undergone personally in the last two years – and even more so in the last year.
We talk about my 30+ years in television news and broadcasting, and some of the fearlessness I had as I worked my way up in the industry. There are a few nuggets in our chat about creating opportunities for yourself, that I think some young people can learn from. But also why I believe it’s important for those of us who’ve been around a long time – to really sit and acknowledge our accomplishments and the grit it often took to achieve them.
I reveal to Renee the big challenge I’ve embarked on (hint: something you can read!) and why it’s been personally gratifying for me – in a world where we are conditioned to be over-productive –  to take a big step back now, be available for my family, and not feel the need to be in the middle of everything – or be seen at everything – to feel valued.
Thank you again Renee, for the opportunity to talk about the great clarity I’ve learned to appreciate as a woman in my 50’s.
You can listen to our episode of the IconicHour at iconiclife.com/iconic-hour-podcast/

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