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The first time I saw these images I said to my husband, “Dayum! My legs haven’t looked this strong in a long time!”
When I turned 50 I decided to be as fit as possible and not let age or menopause define what I can or can’t do.
I’ve worked hard. Anyone who’s been in the gym or a fitness class with me will tell you I don’t cut corners.
But here’s the thing – I love to workout!
My daughter asked me recently to name my favorite hobby without saying ‘working out’. Haha! She knows me too well. That’s exactly what I’d say.
Exercise. Movement. Sweating. Building strength. Improving balance and mobility.
I love all of it!
Exercise fuels my mind, body and soul. Looking good is a bonus, but FEELING good and strong, is the real win!
I read recently that aging does lead to reduced fitness, but as we age, continuing to exercise becomes more important than ever.
It’s not just crucial to how we function today, but how we will function tomorrow.
It’s physical. It’s mental. It’s critical.
And it’s never too late.
In the always wise words of Dr. Amy Shah, “We are not our age. We are our energy.”

Images by Chris Loomis Photography
Makeup by Diane Aiello
Hair by Veronica Penzone at BBV Salon
Location: Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale

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