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This picture is the culmination of five years and nearly 70 hours of volunteering for my son through boys team charity.
I’ve enjoyed watching  him invest the time through the years, giving back to his community while interacting with children of all ages through organizations like St. Vincent de Paul and Miracle League of Arizona.
Boys team charity is a volunteer service organization for 7th-12th grade boys who volunteer with their parent(s), which is an opportunity to strengthen their ties to the community – and – to us.
It has been a gift.
I wasn’t able to participate in National Charity League with my daughter when she was my son’s age, because of the hours I worked.
I have always regretted that.
So to be able to spend these last five years volunteering with him, has been a blessing.
What we’ve given in the hours we’ve spent in the community, we’ve also received in the hours we’ve spent together.
He and his fellow seniors were celebrated yesterday at their last official btc gathering, for what they’ve accomplished with btc and with their impending high school graduation.
They also unveiled their senior project: a container garden they installed at the HomeBase Youth Services Shelter –  a transitional shelter for 18 – 21-year old at-risk and homeless youth, who learn how to live healthy and independent lives.
That garden will provide healing and inspiration for years to come – while serving as powerful reminder to our boys that greatness is not what you have, but what you give.

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