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May 20, 2020

“Abundance comes from within. It comes from thought, intention, attention, and expectation.” – Deepak Chopra

Today is day 3 of 21 Days of Abundance with @deepakchopra and I’m already feeling a different sense of clarity.

For starters, this requires me to meditate, which I’ve never done before.

Sitting still with my thoughts has NEVER been easy for me, but I’m doing it and it feels good.

Deepak’s voice is like butter by the way, so that helps!

True abundance, he says, begins with a thought, followed by an intention – a clear understanding of what you want to happen.

For me, abundance is about having internal peace, love and a positive mindset.

When I have that, I feel like the world is my oyster.

I’m excited to see how my mindset has evolved in the next 18 days and the abundance of positivity I’m able to attract to my life 

What does abundance mean to you?

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