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“Time is free, but it’s priceless” – Harvey Mackay

I created a time capsule for each of my kids when they were born.
I put various mementos from the first year or two of their lives inside – everything from the outfits they left the hospital wearing after they were born, to a favorite blanket as a child, or magazines and newspapers from the year they were born.
The most important things I put in there though, were letters written to them by their grandparents, their dad and me.
We kept my daughter’s time capsule sealed until she turned 16.
It was incredibly moving, to watch her comb through the treasure of memories her capsule unlocked and to listen to her read the letters aloud.
We kept my son’s time capsule closed until last week, when he turned 18.
It was another moving experience watching him sift through the mementos we locked inside and then reading the letters that were written to him back then.
I’m still amazed by how similar my words to him then are to the words I wrote in a post on his 18th birthday.
The letter from his dad though, is priceless, as I imagine it’s the very thing he would’ve written today if he were still with us.
Of all the gifts we’ve given our children through the years, I’m certain those letters will be what they will always value the most.️

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